Here’s What Happens When You Drop iPhone 7 From The Tallest Building In The World [Video]

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got your hands on one of Apple’s new iPhone 7 smartphones, took it to the top of the tallest building in the world, and then dropped it 2,717 feet onto the unforgiving concrete below?

Well, we’re sure not many have, but count on a YouTuber to answer that question by taking Apple’s Jet Black iPhone 7 Plus and dropping it from the Burj Khalifa in Dubai with absolutely no regard whatsoever for the safety and integrity of the device. Let’s be honest here; this isn’t one of those stress or drop tests that will test how Apple’s hardware performs when dropped from waist or shoulder height.


‘Normal’ drop and stress tests are designed to replicate issues that have a genuine chance of occurring in the real world. After all, it’s probably fair to say that all of us have suffered the pain of watching our beloved iPhone crash to the floor at one point in time. It’s highly unlikely that a high percentage have climbed over 2,000 feet and watched in horror as the device plummets toward the ground. This is a test of pure destruction. Plain and simple.

The disappointing thing about this whole experience is that you never actually get to find out just how obliterated the iPhone 7 is after being dropped from 2,717 feet, or 829 meters from the tallest accessible point of the Burj Khalifa.

The reality of the situation is that given how far the device actually falls, and the fact that it’s really not possible to predict where it’s going to land, we don’t actually get to see the result of the drop, but it doesn’t take a certified genius to deduce that the hardware is highly unlikely to be in any kind of usable condition.

It’s difficult to actually class this as a tech related experiment given the fact that the result was already predetermined before it even left the side of the building. It’s also a little frustrating that we didn’t actually get to see how many pieces the iPhone 7 Plus was in because it couldn’t be retrieved. We can however take satisfaction from the fact that the views of Dubai from the Burj Khalifa are simply stunning, and if there’s anywhere that we’d like to destroy an iPhone 7 Plus, then it would most definitely be from the top of this building.

Check out the video embedded below for yourself, but be warned that it’s not for the faint hearted.

(Source: TechRax [YouTube])

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