Google Music Store Appears Briefly In Android Market

You may remember the news which was posted earlier in regards to the upcoming Google Music store. It appears that it may be coming sooner than we think!

Google Music Store

What you see in the image below is a landing page from the Google Music page via the web browser on an Android device. This brings hope to the Android community that maybe Android will be able to better compete in the digital media market in the likes of the ginormous iTunes Store, Amazon etc. Google by mistake stated the following on the landing page:

Shop millions of songs in Android Market

It appears that Google has high hopes with "millions of songs" to choose from and it seems that they will be available directly from the Android Market itself, which sounds great by itself. Those of you already using Google Music know that Google offers free songs on occasion and the Market already allows you to rent movies on your device. So, with opportunities opening up with larger record labels, this may give Google the ability to offer music based on genres that individual’s listen to on a regular basis.


I’m excited to see Google creating an integral piece for their Android ecosystem. I don’t see the lack of this as being a complete downfall for Android, but I see the introduction of a digital media storefront as a way to boost and integrate Google services together. We heard that Google Music will be intertwined with Google+ so that you can share what you are listening to with people in your Circles.

We are unable to reproduce the above screenshots and we are reading that all traces of Google Music Market on Android devices and on the internet have been removed. There was even buzz that a developer’s edition of Chrome included a shopping bag icon. So, keeping that in mind, this has definitely piqued my interest and I am very excited to see where Google’s Android OS will evolve to. I partly feel that Google needs to start refining some of their products and focus on how they all work together. Maybe they should introduce an online all-in-one tabbed portal that includes tabs for the services that you use so you don’t have to access all of your services like GMail, Calendar, Music, etc. in different windows of your computer’s browser.

(via NewsOnDroid)

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