Google Glass Appears On eBay For $15,000

Google Glass is certainly one of the most exciting technologies to arrive in recent years, and one individual from Cleveland, Ohio has already tried to sell a pair on Internet auction site eBay. The listing, which was littered with errors in spelling and grammar from an individual claiming to be an “early adapter”, had all the hallmarks of a scam, and having reached an eye-watering $15,000 with a day still to go, was eventually taken down by eBay.

Despite their expense, early signs suggest Google will be struggling to make enough pairs of Glass to go around. Interest in the augmented reality spectacles, which would not have looked out of place on Back To The Future, is phenomenal, and even at $1,500 a piece, they’re still expected to sell very highly indeed.


Our Cleveland-based friend on eBay perhaps saw an opportunity to cash in on this excitement, and claimed to be receiving a pair later this week at a Project Glass launch event in New York. eBay may have been steadfast in its removal of the listing, but it’s likely not the last time we’ll see the product on auction sites at ridiculous markups. A regular feature of most iOS device launches are the individuals grabbing several units at a time in order to make a quick buck, and with Google Glass seemingly set to make even more fanfare than your typical iPhone launch, we could see similar prices cropping up when the Big G eventually does bring it to market.

We’ve seen various sneak previews of Google Glass in action, and with support set to stretch to both Android and iOS-based devices, the Mountain View company wants everybody – irrespective of their selected mobile platform – to subscribe to the notion that in future, we’ll all be wearing Glass.


Google Glass is set to become available to consumers at the end of this year, with the recent expansion of the “Explorer” pre-order program allowing “creative individuals” to join developers in testing out the technology before it hits the end user markets.

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