Google Offers Us A Glimpse Of The Future With Their Latest Glass UI Video

Google is, quite literally, looking to change the way we view our digital world with the innovation Project Glass, and although we’ve seen a few glimpses of life through the company’s digitized lens, the Mountain View-based search giant has today released a video outlining how users may one day interact with the UI. Following on from the news of prototypes being issued to select individuals, the video shows how the wearer uses the phrase "OK Glass" to kick the spectacles into action, prompting them to record video, take photos, send messages, start Google+ Hangouts, and more. It’s arguably the most exciting insight we have been given into Glass thus far, and we have the full two-minute clip of the prototype in action after the break.

Project Glass clearly has the potential to change the game in unprecedented fashion. The Big G published a video much like the one below when it announced Project Glass last year, but this latest one offers a little more in the way of detail, and also the progress made over the past twelve or so months. The interface looks wonderful, with all the information displayed appearing relevant and unobtrusive, and although it is almost certainly subject to some alterations before it hits the market, it’s a case of so far, so good.

Google Glass1

As a hardcore geek, it’s hard not to be moved by the potential and possibilities presented by Glass. From sending messages and video calling to satellite navigation, the world could be one’s oyster, and although Glass has always seemed like something that would only ever feature in a sci-fi flick, Google’s recent move to begin finding early testers and creatives to help evolve the technology makes it feel just that little bit closer to being real.

Google Glass2


If Project Glass continues to move as quickly as it appears to have done in the past year, we could be looking at one of the biggest tech innovations of all time. That may seem a little outlandish given the current early prototype, but having seen, in two short minutes, what Glass can do, the smartphone as we know it may well soon have a major threat.


(Source: Google)

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