Google Delays Nexus Q To Make It Even Better, Will Ship Out Free Units To Those Who Pre-Ordered

If you happened to walk into a store and saw the Nexus Q sitting on the shelf for sale, you might want to consult a salesperson to actually find out what the elegant black orb does. Unlike smartphones or tablets that lend their visuals to their functionality, or the Apple TV unit that gives away its function in the name, the Nexus Q is a visual enigma that hasn’t really gotten the consumer technology world convinced.

The latest decision by Google to delay the official launch of the Nexus Q social streamer will certainly do nothing to convince potential consumers that this is a device that they need in their lives. Google has made the internal decision to push back the launch date of the orb and removed it from pre-order availability without giving much information, other than claiming that they are going to "work on making it even better". The fact that they are preventing the public from putting through a pre-order can only mean that they feel it just isn’t in an advanced enough state for a public release, or they’ve found a show stopping issue during testing.


The alternative of course, and the one which Google are publicly stating, is that they are actually adding in additional functionality and feature sets in order to bring the best possible experience to their buyers. If you were one of the individuals who immediately loved the look and description of the Nexus Q and opted for an early pre-order through the Google Play Store, then fear not, as it looks like Google has your best interests at hard. To show that they appreciate the support, Google is planning on shipping out an entirely free of charge Nexus Q to all those who pre-ordered the said device earlier.


Kudos to those tuned in to the first day of the Google I/O conference last month where they saw the Nexus Q and Nexus 7 being announced. The Nexus 7 has been a huge success for Google thus far, a positive vibe they hoped would transcend across to the little media streaming sphere when it was eventually launched. As of now, Google is stating that the Nexus Q is coming soon and hasn’t released any date thus far.

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