You Can Now Get Anyone Naked with this New iPhone App!

Einstein once said, imagination is more powerful than knowledge. I now see the entire truthfulness behind his saying for iCandyApps has just released an app called Photo Bubbler that enables you to see anyone naked by using a technique called bubbling. Confused how it all works, still? Read the explanation after the jump!

Photo Bubbler

Bubbling works like this: you take a photo of someone in a swimming suit (i.e. they should be partially clothed) and then you apply spidery web-like bubbles to cover the non-naked parts.

This then allows your polluted and morally corrupt brain to imagine the bubbly non-naked bits with naked ones which gives you the feeling of seeing a naked person, even though the person really isn’t naked.

Photo Bubbler for iPhone

The process of bubbling a photo is manual. Once a photo is selected, you have to tap on the clothed parts to create a bubble. Then you have to resize the bubbles so that all the clothed bits are covered accurately and precisely. Once that that is done, you save the photo so you can make use of it later (wink wink).

Our only gripe with Photo Bubbler is that the entire process is manual. Both Redmond Pie and the general Perverted People of the World want this to be automatic, and be released on Android soon. (since it is the most popular OS in US!)

From the official page:

Photo Bubbler is an ultimate ‘Bubbling’ effect generation tool. Turn pics of your choice into intriguing memories and share those with the world over email, Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Download Photo Bubbler for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad [iTunes Link]

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