From 2007 To 2011, The Evolution Of The iPhone [INFOGRAPHIC]

The iPhone, Apple’s smartphone device, has been a company-defining gadget, helping the Cupertino outfit reach the dizzy heights of one of the world’s most valuable companies.

iPhone 4 3GS

Capitalizing on the success of the iPod range, which was literally untouchable on the MP3 market, the iPhone has seen many changes and has improved significantly since starting out.

IntoMobile has produced a simple yet interesting infographic outlining the riseof a device which may still not have yet reached its peak, with the 5th device expected in just over a month. Literally every aspect has seen a dramatic improvement, and iPhone mania isn’t currently showing any signs of petering out.


The first-gen iPhone featured a 412MHz ARM processor, and kick started the buzz which now surrounds the App Store. By the time the 3GS arrived over two years later, the App Store had over 50,000 apps from which to further enhance the device. Additionally, the 600MHz ARM Cortex processor brought a more console-like experience to the palm of our hands, and many developers such as Gameloft and EA, realizing what was happening, keenly migrated over to the App Store and began bringing titles such as FIFA and Rainbow Six to iOS.

Thanks to the introduction of the Retina Display and the toughened-glass finish, things got a little more beautiful and classy when the iPhone 4 was released at the end of Q2 last year. The A4 processor brought a whole new dimension to speed and gaming. Multitasking was introduced, allowing us to balance sending emails and SMS messages alongside with the more important stuff, like playing Angry Birds or Cut The Rope. In addition, the iPhone 4’s 5 megapixel camera gave us the ability to take very good pictures, and became a favored choice among amateur photographers.

With the iPhone 5 reckoned to include an A5 chip, there is a lot more scope for the speeds to improve and for smartphone gaming to take an even more dominant stance over rivals such as the fading PSP and Nintendo DS-like devices. It is largely expected to feature an 8 megapixel camera, which would certainly go down a treat on the likes of Flickr and, erm, Photovine. With a larger Retina Display and an even thinner design, as well as the possibility of a gesture-based home button, we certainly have a lot to look forward to when it is released sometime in early October.

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