iPhone – The World’s Favorite Camera [INFOGRAPHIC]

The Geekaphone crowd have spent a month looking at the Apple iPhone in the context of it being a serious alternative to expensive standalone cameras. Written over 5 parts, the report looks into the various special effects applications we all know and love, how photo sharing applications and even compares the iPhone’s camera to high-end DSLRs – turns out the iPhone is a pretty good camera!

iPhone Camera

In some ways, comparing the camera in the iPhone 4 to a high end DSLR is like comparing a hamburger from the local pub to an 18 oz. porterhouse from Peter Luger’s Steak House in New York. Yet, the hamburger is pretty darned good and most people eat hamburgers more often than they do expensive prime grade steaks. A comparison of this nature is unfair to the iPhone. It’s not designed to compete with a DSLR and to expect it to compete at that level is unrealistic. However, it is a camera, among other things, and we compare cameras of different levels all the time.


One of the stand-out findings from Geekaphone’s report is the amount of love for the iPhone on photo sharing site, Flickr. As shown by the infographic above, the number of photos taken by iPhones and uploaded to Flickr just keeps on growing, while photos from well known and long established camera makers are on the decline.

What is it people say about the best camera being the one you have with you at the time?

Check out the full report for more insights into just how well the iPhone stacks up against ‘real’ cameras.

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