Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs Served On The White House Council During The 1990′s

While a lot of people chose to sit and read the Steve Jobs biography written by Walter Isaacson, a large selection of fans would prefer to sit and flick through the recently released, 191-page document on Steve Jobs which was compiled by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI set about initiating a level-three background check on Mr. Jobs when it became known that he was being considered for an appointment to The White House Council in the early 1990’s.

For those that haven’t seen, the full document is available to read on the FBI website and actually makes up for a very good reading if you can navigate your way past the ink blots and smudges. Reports from The Associated Press after the release of the document indicated that Steve Jobs had indeed served on the council and the Cabinet department had actually confirmed this. The United States Commerce Department has now confirmed that Jobs had actually served on former President George H.W. Bush’s export council in an unpaid members position.


Members of the export council meet up on a minimum of two times annually in order to brief, and advise the current president of the United States on trade policy. Jobs was a member of the council during the first Bush administration which would put his serving dates in the very early 1990’s, between 91 and 93. Whilst I am not familiar with the level of in-depth investigation needed for a level-3 background check on potential council candidates, it is noted that the file on Steve Jobs contains a number of insulting remarks about his character with some of those being interviewed describing his as "deceptive" and being of a "questionable" moral character.

If you actually read through the files on the FBI vault, you will notice that all names of those who were interviewed about Steve Jobs have been redacted for obvious reasons, but the comments about him continue throughout the file with another unnamed person stating that "Mr. Jobs has integrity as long as he gets his way". It isn’t the first time that people have spoken out about Steve Jobs’ character, but the harsh reality is that you don’t get into the position he held, and experience his successes by making friends with everyone on the journey.


The document also shows that during the early part of 1985; Apple were threatened with a bomb attack from an unnamed caller who was alleged to have placed explosive devices in certain homes, asking for a million dollars to not detonate them. Needless to say, nothing came out of the case and it was eventually closed by the FBI in August 1985.

No matter what your personal opinion of the former Apple CEO is, no one can deny his successes and legacy which begs the question; could the current presidential administration do with more cut throat businessmen like Steve Jobs advising on certain aspects of trade?

(via AppleInsider)

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