Forget iPhone 6 Bendgate, Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Has A Serious Display Problem

The roll out of the Galaxy Note 4 has been brought forward by Samsung in a somewhat hurried attempt to compete with the unforeseen popularity of Apple’s two new iPhones, but in its haste, the Korean outfit may have released some units with a quite significant design issue. As the Tizen maker’s Cupertino rival looks to recover from the Bendgate issue, it has emerged that some Note 4 users have discovered quite a large gap between the display and the outer frame – sizeable enough to fit a business card or a couple of sheets of paper – and given the asking price of the latest installment to the iconic phablet series, it’s not exactly the kind of build quality that said users would’ve expected.

As with Bendgate, it does appear that the count of those afflicted is minimal, although with Samsung having only shifted 30,000 units thus far – the sum total if its early inventory – it’s the kind of issue that could spill over into yet more “-gate” fanfare if it affects enough people. Given that the Note 4 has yet to launch Stateside, though, it’s something that Sammy should be able to nip in the bud before the release really kicks into gear, and with the company having been only too accommodating in its criticism of Apple and Bendgate, it would certainly want to avoid having egg on its face from a similar launch incident.


Let’s face it, all tech products – software and hardware based – will encounter an issue at one point or another. The problem is, if said product has only just launched, hysteria seems to take hold, and as we’ve seen with Bendgate, the actual number of reported complaints to Apple compared with how many devices were sold showed that it was merely a storm in a teacup.

Galaxy Note 4 gapgate

The gap issue with the Galaxy Note 4, which appears to have affected less than a handful of users, is certainly not yet warranting of the Gapgate moniker, although given that it has come to light so early on and before the “main” launch, it’s likely that those picking up the all-new phablet will be paying an extra bit of attention to the area between display and frame.

(Source: ITtoday [Google Translate])

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