Is Your iPhone Randomly Restarting After December 2? Here’s How To Fix The Problem [Updated]

Is your iPhone on iOS 11 running into a random restarting, crashing, reboot loop issue on or after December 2? Well you are not alone.

It appears that as soon as the clock turns December 2, some iPhone users running iOS 11 are experiencing random crashing of Springboard after every two minutes or so.

The bug seems to be caused by App Store’s local notification API for third-party apps, meaning if you have a third-party app installed which is set to repeatedly send a local notification, such as an app which sends you notification to drink water, take meals or take weight during different times of the day, you’re likely to get affected by this bug. Interestingly enough, those running the latest iOS 11.2 beta 6 are not affected by this bug. It’s also important to note here that not every device appears to be affected, and those affected are running iOS 11.0-11.1.2 with a third-party app, which as explained earlier, is set to repeatedly send local notification in order to remind for something.

Apple hasn’t issued any official statement on the matter as yet, nor have they said anything about fixing the issue, but they are likely to do that soon. In the meantime, you can follow the fix that has worked for me below. I have multiple iPhones and only one of them (iPhone 6s) seems to be affected by this bug.

While doing something as simple as changing date back to December 1 or as time consuming as setting the phone from scratch using factory reset option might fix the problem, they have their fair share of issues and I won’t recommend doing them. Changing date to a day before December 2 for instance will likely mess up your Calendar, Messages and a ton of other apps that relies on it, and backing up, restoring iOS, and then restoring data is just too time consuming for many.

What I’ll recommend doing instead to fix the problem for now is to head to Settings > Notifications and then try and look for apps that could be sending you local notifications for reminding something repeatedly throughout the day, or on a specific day. Remember, first-party Apple apps, such as Reminders, aren’t affected by this so don’t mess with notifications for them. Just identify any third-party app that might be sending you local notifications and simply turn off notifications for those apps until Apple issues proper fix for this bug.

In my case, iHealth app turned out to be the culprit which was sending me reminders to take weight during different times of the day. Your case and mileage will vary. I have found this to be the best workaround for now without much compromises until Apple issues official statement and proper fix for this.

You can check out the issue in action in the video embedded below:

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Have you been hit by this bug? Share your experience and workarounds with us in the comments section below.

UPDATE x1: Apple has released iOS 11.2 to fix this problem. Update to iOS 11.2 as soon as possible. More details on iOS 11.2 release can be found over at: Download iOS 11.2 Final IPSW Links And OTA For Your iPhone Or iPad.

UPDATE x2: You can learn more about the proper fix for this bug here.

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