First Look: Ayecon Theme For iOS 7 [Photo]

We told you not that long ago that Surenix, the creator of popular iOS theme Ayecon was hard at work getting Ayecon for iOS 7 ready for Cydia, and that is still the case. With interest in the project high though, Surenix has decided to share a little teaser, with a stark warning also coming alongside the initially tempting message.

The teaser should be enough to whet the appetite of anyone that was a fan of the Ayecon theme on pre-iOS 7 devices, and if you liked it before then we’re going to hazard a guess that you’ll like it on iOS 7 too. Unfortunately, if you were not keen already then we’re pretty sure this iOS 7 flavor of Ayecon won’t be the one to change your mind.

The reason for that is simple: skeuomorphism.

Ayecon iOS 7

Because the original Ayecon theme was skeuomorphic by design, Surenix says that the new version will not see wholesale changes to icons, but rather a refresh with the new icon sizes being taken into account. Anyone wanting a more flat, iOS 7-like icon set will be disappointed, it would seem.

The good news is that those that did like Ayecon will be able to get the new version for nothing, while those looking to jump onto the Ayecon bandwagon will need to part with $2.99. The version currently in Cydia supports iOS 4 to iOS 6, but the new iOS 7-friendly update is on the cards for a release this week sometime.


Ayecon for iOS 7 – Official First Look

The change in attitude to skeuomorphism by Apple is a striking one, and with iOS 7 seeing the iPhone and iPad move away from stitching and faux-leather, the addition of a retro-looking Ayecon could make for some interesting themes and appearances for those that like to theme their iOS devices to within an inch of their lives. We look forward to seeing what people come up with.

Surenix has already said that not all apps will get updated icons straight away, with a newly refreshed icon being released each week. Fans of the icons are also asked to help the updating process too, with them being able to submit their new icons to Surenix for inclusion in the shipping product. Hopefully a spot of crowd sourcing works out.

(Source: Surenix [Twitter])

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