Facebook Is By Far The Most Popular Social Network, Followed By LinkedIn And Twitter

With Facebook on the rise of maintaining the number one social networking site spot on the planet, we have seen it grow from year to year from one million users to a staggering five hundred million users, and now it has surpassed three quarters of a millions users.

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Its story of how it was formed, and the controversy of it all was made into a film quite recently in the form of The Social Network, Facebook has allowed us to re-acquaint ourselves with people we thought we never would talk to again and so much more.

Well, with this ever growing social network, a survey was taken to see what number of U.S. adults use Facebook. We all use Facebook, right? And yes I mean women, men, grandparents, this is is all aimed at you! A recent study by Forrester has shown us that a whopping 96% of U.S. adults are all in using the biggest social networking site on the planet.

98% of ages 67 and up and ages 18-22 are all using Facebook, in fact of all ages, the percentile did not dip below 95%.

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The second biggest social networking site LinkedIn has only 28% of the U.S. adult population, but you have to look at LinkedIn from a different perspective, in that, it is mostly aimed at the adult working or looking for work professionals. It does not claim to aim at Everyone.

Twitter is the third most popular social networking site with 38% of 18-22 year olds using it, from the results, less then half of that age group uses LinkedIn.

We also know from these results, that more commonly it will be the late teens to early twenty year olds that update their statuses the most, or upload pictures the most, with 80% of them checking their social networking sites at least on a weekly basis. On average 60% of all age groups check weekly, and 40% of the oldest age group check on a weekly basis.

This survey was taken in July after the launch of Google+, therefore it is not that much detailed when it comes to findings. This test was undertaken by 60,000 adults.

What do you guys make of the results on Facebook still being the number one place to go to be social? Do you think its about time they were knocked off their perch? Do you wish we could see Google+  stats along with all the other stats? I do.

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