Facebook Celebrates Its 10th Birthday With A Personal ‘Look Back’ Video For You

With Apple having recently thrown together a video clip to celebrate the 30th birthday of the Mac a couple of weeks back, Facebook has done likewise after hitting a landmark of its own. For yes, despite the fact that it feels like the social network has been around since the Internet began, Facebook is now ten years old, and naturally, there’s a nostalgic clip for every single member providing a scrapbook-like take on their lives from signup to present day.

When Facebook hit the scene, there were several major social networks floating about, many of which seemed to focus on a specific niche. MySpace was for music, while the likes of Bebo and Friendster targeted the younger demographic, but Facebook evolved into a service suitable for users of all ages.

Facebook look back

Since its inception, users have shared billions of photos, comments, stories and conversations, and with several apps also available for mobile devices, Mark Zuckerberg and his team have been steadfast in their quest to expand wherever possible.

These personal clips are comprised of photos and events specific to you, with a total of fifteen of your most-like status updates, photos and events abridged into a one-minute video. There’s also some subtle music playing out in the background, and although it’s unlikely to bring you to tears, it’s still a rather nice, personalized show-reel.

If you would like to watch your clip, you’ll have to wait for a notification to pop up, at which time you will be redirected to a page where you can view it. And even if you do happen to detest this kind of nostalgic rubbish, I’d be willing to bet that your curiosity will get the better of you, and you’ll still wind up watching it anyway.

Facebook like

Moreover, it would be kind of rude if you didn’t, for a dedicated teem of engineers have spent months slaving over the feature, ensuring that such a widespread streaming of videos by the 1+ billion users wouldn’t cripple the entire system to meltdown.

If you’re an impatient individual and don’t wish to wait for the notification, be sure to point your browser to www.facebook.com/lookback, where you can watch it right away.

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