Enable Internet Tethering On Samsung Omnia 7 & Focus With One Click [How-To Tutorial]

Let’s face it, internet tethering is one of the most useful features throughout the smartphone market, allowing any device to become a makeshift hotspot with just a few simple actions.

Unfortunately, although the majority are capable of sharing internet connections to other gadgets in close proximity, mobile carriers don’t always play ball, with the definition of "unlimited data" or "unlimited web access" seldom authorized to be manipulated in this way.

Most do offer separate tethering plans, but it somewhat takes the shine off what most see as a convenient, emergency spare internet connection, and have thus sought to hack devices and enable covert methods of tethering.

Those of you who own a Samsung Omnia 7 or a Samsung Focus can follow this relatively simple tutorial in order to enable tethering on your WP7 device

Enable Internet Tethering Samsung Omnia 7 and Samsung Focus

Your device will need to be unlocked to enable homebrew apps and tweaks to be installed, so the first 5 steps will cover this process. Skip to step 6 if you’re already unlocked.

Step 1: Login to ChevronWP7 Labs with a Windows Live account.

Step 2: Buy a token for the ChevronWP7 unlock tool, which costs $9 and can be paid for using credit card or PayPal. You can pay 99 bucks and become a licensed Windows Phone developer, if you so wish, but the Chevron method is far cheaper for a quick tweak.

Step 3: Download and install the unlock tool.

Step 4: Once downloaded, launch and follow the simple on-screen instructions which will place your device in the queue.

Step 5: Once you reach the front of the queue and everything has been approved by the ChevronWP7 team, your device will be successfully unlocked.

Step 6: Right, with the unlocking section out the way, you will next need to use the Application Deployment Tool to send the following file through to your device [Direct Link].

Step 7: Key in ##634#, which will install the Diagnosis app. Once that’s launched, tap *#9908# and opt for ‘System Tweaks’

Step 8: Press Save, then Close. Reboot your phone.

You and your device will now be able to enjoy the perks of internet sharing and tethering!

Those of you that tried this out, please leave your feedback and let us know if it worked for you!

(via MobileTechWorld)

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