Dr. Clean For iOS 11 Lets You Free Up Storage Without Jailbreak, Download Now Before Apple Pulls It

This being 2017, Apple is finally beginning to ship iPhones and iPads with a reasonable amount of storage, but you do not have to go back too far in time to see that Apple was selling devices with just 16GB of storage at a time where apps and games had ballooned to a point where managing apps was a real concern for many users.

Tapping “Download” on that hot new game and being told that you do not have enough space available is infuriating, but what if there was a handy way to eek just a little space out of your iPhone or iPad without actually deleting any apps?

Well, there is a way to do just that thanks to Dr. Clean, a free app available on the App Store – for now, at least. We say that because the way Dr. Clean works suggests that Apple will only let it live on the App Store for so long. See, Dr. Clean gets you some of your storage space back by deleting all of the cache files that iOS likes to hang on to. That means that it very likely violates more than one of Apple’s developer rules of the road, and as we all know, Apple is not a company to be trifled with when it comes to breaking its rules.

Because of that, we expect Dr. Clean to be gone from the App Store soon enough, but for now, you can download it just fine. And too for free!

When you do, using Dr. Clean is as simple as launching the app, tapping the “Start” button and then waiting a minute or so. From testing, we found that you can see around 1-1.5GB of space freed up by the process. Now, a word of warning here. This app is, as we said, deleting cache files that iOS normally keeps around so that it can function optimally. Deleting those files could leave iOS scrambling to recreate those caches, which could leave your iPhone or iPad’s performance to dip while that happens. It could, theoretically at least, also impact battery life as a result although whether it would be enough to be noticed is debatable.

If you fancy giving Dr. Clean the benefit of the doubt and seeing whether it can save you any storage space then download it now, it’s on the App Store and it’s free.

(Download: Dr. Clean for iPhone and iPad)

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