Don’t Try This At Home: iPhone 6s Vs Hot Molten Tar [Video]

Believe it or not, the Internet, and YouTube in particular, does a comprehensive job of catering to the needs of those wanting to see personal technology devices being destroyed in one form or another. The launch of every new major smartphone from Apple or Samsung generally sees a number of prominent channels checking how much abuse the hardware can take before it completely shatters. Pretty much everyone has witnessed iPhones being dropped onto concrete repeatedly, but how does it fair when it comes in contact with hot molten tar?

TechRax is fairly well-known name on the Internet, famous for consistently brutalizing Apple’s iOS-powered smartphones for the pleasure of viewers. In the past, we have seen him running over an iPhone with a vehicle and even a tank, boiling one to the point of destruction, shooting at one, and even using a blowtorch on one to ascertain just how much abuse it can take before it gives up. This time around, we are able to see how an Apple iPhone 6s holds up against a pan of boiling hot, smoking black tar. Yup, boiling tar.

iPhone 6s 6s Plus box

It’s almost become a point of morbid curiosity to see these expensive devices destroyed in new and exciting ways. The initial pouring of the molten tar covers the majority of the iPhone 6s, with just the bottom corners still being on display along with a small peek of the iconic Home button with Touch ID sensor. A second helping of the black stuff solves that by totally submerging the iPhone in the liquid of doom. Let’s be honest, regardless of how well the iPhone is built, it was never going to come unscathed against hot molten tar, but it faired a lot better than you might imagine.

After turning the device over and covering the back, it then becomes a waiting game for the tar to cool so it can be cleaned off. There’s some visible display damage, and the hardware won’t boot up as the power button and Home button have been clogged and rendered unusable by the tar. But from a structural perspective, it would seem that the iPhone was a match for the boiling hot black stuff.

Of course we wouldn’t recommend doing this with your device, but it’s still mesmerizing to watch.

Don’t try this at home, folks. You’ve been warned.

(Source: TechRax [YouTube])

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