Watch: iPhone 6 Meets 6,000 Degree Blowtorch [Video]

The iPhone 6 is without a doubt one of the hottest smartphones out there, and it’s about to get hotter – literally. If you ever wondered what the melting point of a brand new iPhone 6 was, this blowtorch-meets-iPhone 6 video might help shed some light on it.

TechRax is back yet again with one of his uber extreme iPhone destruction videos, and where he showed us just what it’s like to literally freeze one of Apple’s new smartphones, it was only fair that the phone was lit up like the sky on the 4th of July. TechRax, through the use of a blowtorch, burns the iPhone 6 to temperatures that are meant to cut metal; really tough, metal. This exquisite piece of machinery however is all glass and aluminum, and well, why even bother defending this, the blowtorch used here could mess up a good old SUV if put to the test.

iPhone 6 blowtorch main

The Acetylene apparatus is no ordinary blowtorch and is able to reach temperatures of 6,000 degrees, designed to cut and melt metal. So you thought drop tests were pretty severe? Well you’re right, because those make more sense, unless your welding classes aren’t going particularly well. Put to the test, it only took the blowtorch a few seconds before turning the iPhone 6 into a spectacular fireball, and if you thought we were about to reach some miraculous revelation, you’re right, we get to the see the Bendgate in action.

The result obviously was no surprise, but Apple should start thinking about employing some fireproof features in their next iPhone lineup, because clearly dust and water resistance is just too mainstream these days. Coming back to the supposed durability of the iPhone 6, the Bendgate scandal seems to have cooled down just as fast as it spread like wildfire on the Internet – see what I did there?

Check out the video below and drop a comment what you think about it. And please, don’t try this at home. Just don’t.

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