Do You Keep Accidentally Turning On Your iPhone XS, X Flashlight? Apparently, It’s A Common Problem

If you’ve found yourself accidentally activating the flashlight on your iPhone XS or iPhone X, you’re not alone. According to a USA Today report, hundred of users have reported the exact same thing to Apple.

Activating the flashlight on the iPhone XS and iPhone X is simply a case of firmly pressing on the icon at the Lock screen. It seems that the press is all too easy to accidentally trigger.

Some people have been alerted by strangers on the street that the mini searchlight on their phone is beaming for the world to see. Others report having looked down to discover the flashbulb shining through their clothing.

Either way, no one is ever thrilled to find out that their expensive smartphone’s battery is being unwittingly drained by a feature that can’t be uninstalled.

So far, 488 iPhone users have reported the problem to Apple, asking the tech giant how to remove the fussy shortcut from the main screen entirely.

Anecdotally, I myself have fallen foul of this exact problem many, many times in the past, often when removing the iPhone from a pocket, or simply juggling the phone while doing something else. The easiest way to dismiss it once the flashlight has been invoked is to slightly swipe the screen to the left, beginning the activation of the camera.

Toussaint Campbell, 21, of Pembroke Pines, Florida, said that he accidentally triggers the flashlight on his iPhone XS “all the time. When I’m just walking with my phone or holding it, my hand just so happens to be all over the screen. People ask me all the time, ‘Do you know your flashlight is on?’ I’ve gotten used to it.”

That’s still not at all ideal, though, so hopefully Apple will slightly tweak the pressure needed to activate the flashlight in a future release of iOS. What about you? Have you been having issues with the flashlight toggle as well or do you think it is fine the way it is?

(Source: USA Today)

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