How to Connect PS3 to PSN on Custom Firmware 3.55 Kmeaw

Well it looks like folks at PSX-Scene have managed to find a way to get jailbroken PlayStation 3’s back online on PSN after Sony recently blocked the DNS method for consoles running custom firmware 3.55.

PSN on 3.55

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Set up dnsmasq to resolve your region’s update server ( in my case) and to your computer. I just added them to my /etc/hosts and left the rest of the dnsmasq settings at default.
  2. In Charles, set up reverse proxies for these two addresses on port 80 and 443 respectively. Also add to the list of Locations in the SSL tab of Proxy Settings so you can actually see the data you’ll be changing.
  3. In Charles, under Tools > Map Local, map the /update/ps3/list/uk/ps3-updatelist.txt on your region’s server to a local copy, for example the one attached to this post.
  4. Using the AsbestOS Installer on your PS3, enable R/W access to /dev/flash.
  5. Rename charles-proxy-ssl-proxying-certificate.crt to xx.cer (where xx is a certificate that already exists) then use your preferred method to replace the one in your flash.
  6. Set your PS3 DNS to the one you set up.
  7. In Charles, set a Breakpoint on all https:// POST Requests.
  8. Attempt to connect to PSN.
  9. When you see the request in Charles, edit any instance of 3.55 you see in the headers to 3.56 then click Execute.
  10. If it didn’t work try again, eventually you should sign in. It only took me a couple of tries.

Full detailed instructions can be found here.

It should be noted that we haven’t tried it yet, but by the looks of it, it seems to be working fine for many. Use this method at your own risk only. You might end up getting banned on PSN.

Disclaimer Note: This article is purely for informational and testing purposes only. We at Redmond Pie did not create the hack, nor do we endorse or promote the use of it. We are not responsible for any bans that may occur, or the inability to sign-in to PSN. Use it at your own risk only.

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