Check Out This Beautiful Concept Of The Facebook Smartphone [IMAGES]

Although Facebook has been a web success story surpassed only by Google, its shortcomings in the mobile space have been plain for all to see. The Facebook mobile app is below par on every ecosystem and device going, and the inability to monetize the growing mobile market has been the elephant in the room for a good few years now.

With the big parade surrounding the glitched IPO last month, CEO Mark Zuckerberg knows that now is the time to push Facebook down as many avenues as humanly possible, and with a bunch of acquisitions lined up (supposedly including that of the Opera browser), another round of improved Facebook phones have been on the cards for a good while now.

The pressure on Facebook to improve and enhance its mobile prowess cannot be stipulated enough. At this point, the only decent mobile app it has is Instagram, which was bought from more innovative folk with little choice than to accept the grossly over-zealous sum.

Still, a phone sporting a Facebook logo, special Facebook button and a plethora of Facebook bloatware on top of the Android stock seems like the perfect solution, right?

Well, skepticism and cynicism aside for a sec, a mockup of how the device could look – designed by Michal Bonikowski – might just stop the naysayers in their tracks momentarily, for it is just as much a work of art as a concept of a smartphone. The unit, which looks like an HTC from the front and an iPhone from behind, sports a 4.2-inch display and an 8-megapixel camera, and of course comes in that instantly recognizable “Facebook Blue”.




As somebody overtly apprehensive about a Facebook-branded device (after all, few of the 900 million Facebook users would admit to being addicted, no less actually confirming it by purchasing a Facebook-smeared smartphone), if it looked like this, there would certainly be quite a bit of buzz erupting within the tech spectrum.



There’s no doubt it looks the part, but with Facebook’s track record in the mobile game being so terribly, shockingly, incomprehensibly dire, I’m sure we can count on Zuck and his team to come up with something that will arrive, flunk, and abruptly disappear once more.


(via iDB)

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