Cheaters On The Rise In PUBG Mobile, Dev Encourages Players To Register Reports

When it comes to mobile gaming, there is nothing hotter right now than the double act of PUBG Mobile and Fortnite, and while both are proving hugely popular amongst mobile gamers, the former is unfortunately struggling with something that no true gaming fan would condone – cheaters.

If you’ve been playing PUBG Mobile as much as some of the game’s biggest fans, then you will no doubt have already bumped up against a situation where you have played against a cheater, and it is absolutely no fun.

The folks behind the game know that, too, and are working to try and ban cheaters as quickly as they are reported to them. If you come across someone using auto-aiming, unusual acceleration capabilities and other game modifications, then you can report them and if you do, there’s a chance the cheater will be banned. That’s something the folks at Tencent Games are keen to point out too, with the company banning players seemingly left and right as confirmed in a blog post a couple of days ago.

PUBG Mobile provides its players with a fun and engaging gaming experience. Unfortunately, there has been a rise in cheaters and hackers lately within our community. We have a firm zero tolerance for this. We believe that these people ruin the gaming experience and hurt legit players through their unfair advantages.

These behaviors include, but not limited to, auto aiming, acceleration, recoil reduction, and any other methods of modifying the game or its data. Any one who is found using cheats and hacks will be banned accordingly.

Most importantly, gamers are encouraged to report cheaters both in-game and via, with Tencent also listing a considerable number of gamers who have been banned as a result of cheating.

We’re pleased to see Tencent working to weed out the bad eggs in PUBG Mobile. Hopefully, this will lead to a more enjoyable game all around.

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