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Microsoft today has unveiled the new updated Zune 4.0 software for Windows along with retail availability of Zune HD. The latest Zune software takes full advantage of the new Windows 7 taskbar features – enabling Jump Lists, minimization to taskbar mode, video/album art previews with full playback control and support for Aero Snap.

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Sources close to Zune team have confirmed that these leaked images of Zune HD are indeed real and Microsoft’s 3rd generation media player is most likely to be out by September or October this year.

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You can’t get Windows Mobile from a store and install it on any cell phone you want. Same goes for the iPhone OS, Symbian, Palm, Android and others. And as we all know, Apple exists due to its eco system. This is the same eco system that inspired Microsoft to develop Zune with the Zune Marketplace and desktop software. Even the Xbox 360 is like iPods, iPhones and the Zune.

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Hands on with Zune 3.0 Software

By | September 17th, 2008

Its Tuesday September 16th, the day all Zuners have been desperately waiting for since Microsoft’s announcement last week in which it was announced that they are going to release the new firmware and the updated v3 software to enhance our Zune experience. I don’t know about others, but I’m pretty excited to try out some of the newest additions that the Zune Team have in store for all us.

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