Biggest Week In Xbox History: Almost 1 Million Xbox 360 Units Were Sold In The Week During Black Friday

Black Friday, which was the one-day shopping event that was celebrated just five days ago, has proven to be one hell of a sales day for Microsoft’s Xbox division as we’ve learned that the week of Black Friday was the single biggest week in the history of Xbox. Details after the jump!


The news comes from Gamasutra – a website dedicated to covering video games and video game development – in the form of a short post in which they discuss the sales numbers released by Microsoft on their official blog.

According the official blog post, about 1 million consoles were sold just in the United States during the week of Black Friday. To be a little more specific, about 960,000 consoles were sold with over 800,000 being sold within 24 hours. This is along with over 750,000 sold units of Kinect motion sensing devices – standalone as well as bundled with an Xbox 360 SKU.

From The Official Microsoft Blog:

Entering the seventh year of its lifecycle, Xbox 360 just closed the biggest sales week in the history of the hit digital entertainment system, selling more than 960,000 consoles in the U.S. during the week of Black Friday.

The most astonishing bit about this news is how this record-breaking sales day occurred in the seventh year of the Xbox 360’s lifecycle. This, perhaps, can be attributed to the ever-decreasing prices of game consoles. The $199 Xbox 360 S (4GB) with Kinect was one of the best entertainment deals you could buy at this year’s Black Friday. It was so good, in fact, that this cousin of mine actually decided to get the $199 Xbox 360 deal over the $179 iPod touch! Talk about value for money!


While development and consumer demand for the seventh generation of game consoles is still very much alive and kicking, the eighth generation of consoles is just around the corner.  We recently saw the announcement of the WiiU and, if you’ve been following us lately, you’ll know that rumors surrounding Xbox 720 and PlayStation 4 are getting warmer and warmer.

What do you expect from the next-generation of consoles other than even-better graphics? Sound off in the comments section over on our Facebook page!

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