Beware: Yet Another Apple ID Scam Is Looking To Get Hold Of Your Credentials Through Email

Getting a hold of someone’s iCloud account can be big business for those unscrupulous enough to do such a thing.

That’s why there are more than a few different ploys employed by people who want to trick you into entering your Apple ID credentials into a fake website, usually by making you think that your account is at risk if you do not “authenticate” before it is deleted.

It’s an age-old method of stealing credentials for anything from bank accounts to ride sharing services, and iCloud is no different. One Reddit user has shared a screenshot of one particularly poor attempt, although it’s one that we have little doubt will catch plenty of people out.

With a subject line reading “For Your Protection Your Account AppleID Is Automatically Disabled” really should set the alarms sounding, but reading through the body of the email confirms that this is, indeed, far from legitimate.

Dear Customer,

Your Account AppleID is automatically disabled.

We detect unauthorized login Attempts to your Apple ID from other IP location.

The email goes on to show a fictitious login attempt followed by a request for the user to verify their identity by clicking a link. Unsurprisingly, this link goes to a non-Apple domain where unwitting users will enter their credentials. The email address sending the email is also far from legitimate:

This strikes us as a very good time to remind everyone that no matter who it claims to be from, it is always worth casting a suspicious eye over emails of this ilk. If you do click through, be absolutely sure to confirm that the address in your web browser is attached to the domain you would expect it to be.

Remember, when it comes to the Internet, trust no-one! Except us, of course.

(Source: Reddit)

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