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Solange Magnano Pictures

By | December 1st, 2009

Solange Magnano, the 1994 Miss Argentina has died after undergoing simple plastic surgery at a clinic in Buenos Aires to tone up her derriere. She was 38 and mother of 8 year old twins. After undergoing the plastic surgery, she suffered from pulmonary embolism for which she was in critical condition for three consecutive days. She died on Sunday following serious complications in her lungs and brain. Some pictures from her modeling career can be seen below.

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Cyber Monday is the online version of Black Friday when many online retailers prove great discounts in their efforts to spur online holiday sales. We have been covering on all the latest juicy Cyber Monday deals from wherever we can find the best from all over the Internet. All major online retailers like Apple, Microsoft, Dell, HP, Walmart, Kmart, Amazon and Best Buy stores have great offers which you can take advantage of from their online sites, without having to actually go and get in line in the store just to get the discount you are looking for. Here’s quick roundup of all the Cyber Monday 2009 deals, discounts and bargains that we have covered in the last few days.

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Its Cyber Monday today when all the major online retailers are offering great promotions on all types of computer items. Like Black Friday coverage, we have been covering Cyber Monday sales extensively from Walmart, Best Buy, Amazon, Apple and Kmart online stores. And now Microsoft Store joins them too with amazing Cyber Monday online deals for this holiday season that you simply can’t ignore. They are offering sale of upto 50% off on selected computer hardware and software items.

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Cyber Monday has now started in most parts of the United States. We have been extensively covering all the best possible Cyber Monday deals available online across all the major retailers like Walmart, Best Buy and American Girl stores. If you are looking for a new Blu-ray player for your home theatre system, now is the time to get it. Online retailers like Newegg, Walmart and Best Buy have got some of the best deals available on top of the line Blu-ray players available in the market.

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Cyber Monday 2009 Deals by Apple

By | November 29th, 2009

Apple’s consumer electronic items are by far some of the best computer hardware available in the industry. We covered all the Black Friday deals that were offered by Apple on various popular products like iMac, Macbooks, iPod touch, iPhone accessories etc. Now that Black Friday is over, Apple is now offering Fast and free shipping on everything you pick from the gift guide they have placed on the online Apple Store site.

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Black Friday is over now and all the major retailers are now offering those amazing deals online on their respective websites. Those of you who missed out on those great deals now have another chance to grab all the hot items at very low rates. Windows 7 based Netbooks, Notebooks and desktops are popular items for this holiday season. Special computer deals at the top US-based online retail stores are as follows.

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