Apple: We’re Blown Away By iPhone 5 Pre-Orders

The initial announcement and showing off of the iPhone 5 seemed to bring that old familiar deja vu feeling, with many outlets and analysts saying that Apple hasn’t done enough this time around to win the hearts of consumers, and their latest smartphone release won’t capture the imagination of potential customers. Anyone who made an attempt to pre-order the new iPhone 5 this morning will more than likely tell you that this just simply isn’t true, with the same difficulties being faced due to high demand and Apple’s online store getting hammered from all angles.

For those who took the chance and snoozed their alarm clock that one extra time this morning, they woke up only to find that Apple had completely sold out of their initial early adopter stock of the iPhone 5, with the delivery date being pushed back two weeks rather than the September 21st release date. It shouldn’t really come as any great surprise to those who are familiar with the process of trying to get their hands on an Apple product at first launch. Every release schedule of the iPhone and iPad seems to bring these early release stock issues and serves to show us just how popular the company’s products are.


Playing the pre-order waiting game obviously didn’t pay off for a lot of people this morning, as the initial stock of the device shot off the cyber shelves in just sixty minutes, much to the delight of the Cupertino-based giants. Company spokeswoman, Nat Kerris, spoke of the company’s delight with consumer interest in the product by saying that they were “completely blown away by customer response” and that “pre-orders for the iPhone 5 have been incredible“. Regardless of the product or the industry you are in, if you can describe the first hour of pre-orders as incredible and managed to deplete all of your stock, then it can be classed as a good day at the office.


If you so desperately need the iPhone 5 in your life and didn’t manage to get one of the pre-order units then all is not lost. The device is set for an official on-the-shelf release on Friday, September 21st and let’s be honest, queuing up and waiting in line to be one of the first definitely adds to the fun of Apple hardware ownership. If you’re happy to play the waiting game and want to get your hands on the elongated handset after the first wave then Apple is still taking pre-orders online with a delayed shipping time.

(via AllThingsD)

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