Apple Looking Into 3D Photo/Video Taking Ability For iPhone 5?

With Nintendo bringing its 3D-equipped 3DS to market, the whole world is going 3D crazy. Umpteen Android devices from various manufacturers are also due to get the 3D treatment in the coming months, but according to AppleInsider, Apple has been looking at adding 3D photo taking capabilities to its hardware (iPhone/iPad) for some time now.

iPhone 3D

The US Patent and Trademark Office has made public a patent application from Cupertino that relate to the taking of photos in 3D. The patent, named ‘Systems and Methods for an Imaging System Using Multiple Image Sensors’ would use two rear-facing cameras to create a 3D image just as the 3DS does.

The difference here is in the way the photo is created. Apple’s solution would take a hardware-based approach to stitching together the two images taken by the twin cameras whereas current 3D-capable machines go for a software approach. Apple believes this can introduce unwanted artifacts which they believe a hardware solution would cure.

The patent also allows for the recording of 3D video – a prospect much more appealing to us here at Redmond Pie than taking still pictures.

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