Apple Holding Dedicated iTunes Event In Moscow, Hints At Imminent Launch Of Music Service In Russia

Now that Apple has finally released the revamped iTunes 11 app, it looks like the majority of people are happy with the changes which Apple have deemed it necessary to make. Not everything is always going to be in line with everyone’s tastes, and the new software definitely has excluded a few features that will be missed by a lot, but on the whole; it seemed to have scratched the majority itch. Those living in Russia can also expect to gain access to the iTunes service imminently, with all details looking likely to be announced at a small dedicated iTunes event being held in the Red Square tomorrow evening.

Although the event won’t be anything like any of the dedicated media events that we have seen being held in California or New York, it shouldn’t detract from the importance of the iTunes gathering to the Russian people. Apple has already sent out a small number of invitations to individuals that they want to attend the gathering at the GUM shopping center, with speculation growing that we could see an almost immediate release of iTunes in Russia coming on the back of the event.


As is usually the case with such launch events, it hasn’t exactly come out of the blue. We have been seeing speculation grow over the last few months about a potential iTunes release in Russia, after a number of iOS and App Store users in the territory started to see music related content showing up at what could only be described as bargain prices. A number of analysts are claiming that the launch of the iTunes software and music service in the country could also help Apple promote and push their hardware to Russian residents, which is where the large profits sit.


With the iPhone 5 about also be released into Russia, it doesn’t take a genius to work out that the small iTunes event has been scheduled to coincide with the company’s latest hardware launch. No doubt, more information will become available tomorrow during and after the even,t but Apple could be planning on offering Russians low-cost digital music downloads. Stay tuned as more unfolds with this one.

(via TechCrunch)

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