Apple Car Concept Envisions Sleek Design And “OSCar” Software With Maps, Siri, More [Video]

New concept artwork and videos of unannounced Apple products is nothing new at all. In fact, we’ve been showing you concepts of new iPhones, new iPads and new Apple Watches for years now, and the plethora of artists who want to share their vision of the future shows no sign of stopping now. The next logical step was always going to be the Apple Car, and we now have a very high-quality concept of what some think will be Apple’s next big thing.

The thought of Apple producing its own automobile is still one that we haven’t quite managed to reconcile just yet, but we wouldn’t want to put too much money on a bet against such a thing happening. If we do turn out to be wrong and someone in Cupertino really does have an electric, possibly automated, car in their head, then this is what we want it to look like.


The concept, based on what Luca Wrede thinks the 2020 Apple Car will look like, is absolutely stunning. With a front grille that looks rather Volvo-esque, the whole car looks gorgeous, and the presence of a glowing Apple logo on its nose sets it off just so. If this is, indeed, what the Apple Car ends up looking like, though, we fear very few of us will be able to afford one.

Beyond the car’s looks, the concept makes allowances for strong iPhone and Apple Watch integration as well as “OSCar” software that would act as the driving force behind things like Apple Maps, Safari and Siri capabilities within the vehicle. And yes, that was a driving pun in an article about a car. We may have just died a little inside.


Whether the Apple Car is real or not, nobody knows, though we are starting to warm up to the opinion that there is just a little too much smoke here for there to not be even a little fire. Whatever happens in the next few years, though, if the Apple Car does arrive and looks even a little like this concept, Jonny Ive will have done a sterling job.

(Source: ConceptsiPhone [YouTube])

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