Android 4.4 KitKat And Nexus 5 Launching On October 15, According To New Report

The rumor mill never ceases to be more and more interesting now, does it? According to the latest on the grapevine, Google’s Android 4.4 KitKat – the latest version of Android – running on the Google branded Nexus 5, might make an appearance as soon as Oct. 15, 2013. That puts the launch of the new device and the new Android version merely days away, not even a full week! Exciting, isn’t it?

Before you get too excited, please be reminded again that it’s just a rumor, although a well-founded one. According to well-informed sources, the rumor comes from the campfire at Google Launchpad, where people familiar with the matter were observed talking in whispers to each other about the mysterious Android 4.4 in relation with Oct. 15 as the target date.


Reports also say that at the event, developers in attendance were served lashings of Key Lime Pie – the dessert after which Android 4.4 was originally named, alongside KitKat chocolate bars, which is the new name for the next iteration of Android. Unless you’re living under a rock (or not following us, at least), you would know that the famous Nestle (or Hershey’s, if you’re residing Stateside) brand lent its name graciously to Google for the next-gen Android version without charging anything.

Android 4.4 has been in the rumor mill for quite some time, and the timing is just perfect for an unveiling. It’s not just the new version of Android; traditionally, such a launch has always been accompanied by a new Nexus device as well, and as we noted earlier, the last one, Nexus 4, is about a year old, fitting the profile for a new flagship to take the throne. That, combined with the recent sightings of the alleged “Nexus 5” in videos and FCC leaks, only lends more credibility to the rumor that Google might actually go ahead and do it. Guess it’s just 5 more days to wait and find out.

Nexus 5 leak

Commenters across the blogosphere are also pitching in with their own speculations on the matter, the least of which is that Google might also push its Google TV to Android 4.2 and rebrand it as something different – more along the lines of “Android TV” rather than Google TV. The thing is, until Oct. 15 (or an official announcement), these are just rumors and speculations, but hey, they’re pretty enjoyable! We’ll keep our readers posted as we learn more.

It was previously rumored that Nexus 5 along with Android 4.4 KitKat would launch on October 14, but today’s report somewhat reaffirms that notion.

(via: Cnet)

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