All Current Lumia Windows Phone 8 Devices Will Get Windows 10 Upgrade

If you have a Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 8 handset in your pocket and have been fretting about whether it would receive any more updates then you can rest easy, for Microsoft has confirmed that all Lumia Windows Phone 8 devices will indeed receive updates to Windows 10.

Still quite a way from coming to fruition, Windows 10 is the next version of Microsoft’s all-in-one operating system, which runs at almost any screen size which you can throw at it, and with the software giant having angered customers by not updating Windows Phone 7 handsets to Windows Phone 8 in the past, it took to Twitter to calm the nerves of one potential customer.


Asking the question of whether the potential purchase of a Lumia 930 would leave him with no upgrade path to Windows 10, Twitter user Kalars07 was greeted with some good news by the official Lumia Twitter account. According to a tweet that will put joy into the hearts of all Lumia WP8 owners, all existing handsets with that designation will be updated as and when the mobile version of Windows 10 is available. Predictably though, there wasn’t any information flowing about either the feature set that we can expect in said update or indeed when it will arrive.

Lumia Windows 10

When Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 7 handsets would not be updated to Windows Phone 8 it caused quite the backlash from its band of loyal customers. The reason for that move was apparently some considerable changes to the system’s kernel, something that isn’t on the cards this time around and hence the reason Microsoft is apparently happy to bump existing users to the new version.


Now that we know people will be upgraded though, we’re very interested in hearing what it will bring to the table as well as when that will be.

Hopefully more news will start cropping up sooner rather than later.

Windows 10 is the next major version of Microsoft’s phone / tablet / desktop OS. And instead of releasing multiple versions, Microsoft is going for the one-size-fits-all mantra, which in our books is a good thing, and will finally bring consistency across the board, something which we’ve been wanting from the software giant for a long, long time.

(Source: Lumia [Twitter])

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