Microsoft Offers Glimpse Of Future Windows Phone And Xbox Interfaces [Image]

While the showcasing of Windows 10 was as much about a concerted push on the enterprise sector as anything else, Microsoft also noted that members of its wider ecosystem would be in better tune with one another, creating a more unified platform as a whole. No great details were given to elaborate on the "One product family,One platform, One store" slogan seen in a graphic at the event, but the accompanying images do offer something of a sneak peek into the future interfaces of both Windows Phone and Xbox.

As you can see, Windows 10 devices running up to the 6-inch mark offer a similar aesthetic to what Windows Phone users are already accustomed with, but intriguingly, mid-sized tablets of around 7 inches also appear to be headed for a Windows Phone-esque experience. As you’ll notice, the smallest of the three slates illustrated has the same home screen configuration as the two handsets to its left, and so through Windows 10 and beyond, it’s safe to assume that there’ll be a notable divide between the larger tablets / notebooks and the rest of the field.

Windows 10 main

The other intriguing aspect of this piece is the Xbox interface, which although not too dissimilar to the current set-up, still maintains the ethos of Microsoft’s software being as one.

Having a single store for all content certainly makes more sense, and will render it a great deal easier for users across the board to source their apps, videos, music and other treats. But beyond the Store, it’s clear that Microsoft is moving towards a one-size-fits-all policy of amalgamation, and with Apple and others also doing likewise, the days of companies running several different, yet similarly-abled platforms simultaneously appear to be drawing to a close.




From what we’ve seen so far of Windows 10, we’re definitely excited about what’s ahead, and with the Technical Preview having just officially been made available, we’ll be spending quite some time testing it out over the next couple of days.

Once we’ve had a chance to give it a proper look, we’ll be sharing our thoughts and early impressions, and if you’re also intent on giving the new Windows 10 TP a whirl, be sure to let us know what you think by dropping a comment below.

(via: TheVerge)

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