8GB Vs 16GB RAM On M1 MacBook Air Comparison

Apple’s newly released M1 Macs are proving to be super quick in just about any test that’s thrown at them. But with the current configurations maxing out at 16GB of RAM there has been some concern over longevity.

Some people have also suggested that RAM doesn’t make a huge difference to the newer machines thanks to the fast chips and SSDs. So Max Tech set out to create a video showing how an 8GB and 16GB M1 MacBook Pro performs.

The 20-minute video sees a number of tests being run ranging from Geekbench to Cinebench and while some tests didn’t show any notable difference between the two specifications, those that were designed to test RAM did. One of those was an Xcode build that saw an 8GB M1 MacBook Pro complete the process in 136 seconds. The 16GB model did it in just 122 seconds.

Perhaps expectedly, the biggest improvement was an 8K RAW R3d to 4K video export with the 16GB machine more than halving the 13.57 minutes required by the 8GB model. Impressively, it was only 29 seconds slower than a 16-inch MacBook Pro running an Intel i9 processor and 32GB of RAM. That machine sells for $3500.

What all of this does tell us is that most people will likely be just fine with the standard 8GB configuration. But anyone who might expect a performance increase from more RAM probably will. It’s just a shame it’s a $200 upgrade.

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