2016 MacBook Pro GPU Issues / Glitches Being Reported With No Fix In Sight

Multiple 2016 MacBook Pro owners are reporting GPU issues and glitches with no fix, official or unofficial, in sight for them. Here are the details.

Waiting to get your hands on a shiny new piece of hardware is bad enough, but when you do take delivery of said hardware, you at least have all that great new computing goodness to look forward to. After all, you just paid a small fortune to get hold of the latest technology, and the least you can expect is some trouble-free computing time with your new toy, right? Well, if you bought a new 2016 MacBook Pro, then this might not quite be the case, at least not for everyone.


With early deliveries of MacBook Pros and now MacBook Pro models with Touch Bar being tested by lucky buyers, some are reporting eerily similar issues with regards to graphical glitches and artifacting. In fact, all of the reports are so similar, we find ourselves wondering whether there might be something going on.

According to the reports across the internet, it appears that there may be at least some initial issues with regards to graphic hardware or, hopefully, software that is causing new 2016 MacBook Pros to do all kinds of strange things, all of which are graphics related.

Multiple users have reported that their machines have either locked up or begun to rapidly flash different colored screens during intensive work that may be utilizing the machines’ GPUs. Software such as Photos and Adobe image editing apps appear to be most likely to cause issues, again pointing to either an issue with graphics drivers or, more worryingly, graphics hardware within the new machines.

At this point, it is far too early to say with certainty that something is amiss in a large scale however, and it is important to note that any large scale hardware rollout will always result in a percentage of machines being faulty. The question now is whether these machines are all suffering the same issue, and of course, whether there are too many experiencing the issue to fall within acceptable levels. That’s something we will have to keep an eye on over the coming days and weeks before we can answer, but hopefully, any issues experienced are caused by software and can easily be fixed.

Here’s hoping.

(Via: 9to5Mac, Jan Becker [YouTube])

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