150+ iOS 12 Hidden Features For iPhone And iPad [Running List]

Here are 150+ iOS 12 hidden or secret features that every iPhone, iPad or iPod touch user needs to know about.

Apple may have done a fairly good job of announcing iOS 12 during the opening WWDC keynote and talking about its most important features, but not everything made it into that announcement.

So keeping that in mind, here are the hidden features that have since been discovered with Apple’s latest iOS 12 release. It’s important to note that as people start to interact with iOS 12 on their iPhone and iPad after the final version release day on September 17, this list will only continue to grow. So make sure that you keep checking back as we will be continuously updating it as and when new features come to light or changed.

  1. Siri translation now works with over 40 languages
  2. New knowledge areas for Siri to now help it answer questions related to motorsports, celebrity facts, food photo memories, passwords, more
  3. Apple News app UI tweaks
  4. System-wide animation tweaks
  5. iPhone X-like gestures on iPad
  6. Portrait Segmentation API
  7. Share passwords with nearly iOS devices, Apple TVs, Macs, more
  8. Stronger password suggestions
  9. iOS will remind you to change a password if it finds you using same password you previously used for another service in your new account
  10. Autofill for Two-factor SMS codes
  11. Silent Notifications
  12. Fill in passwords from third-party password managers more easily
  13. Critical alerts that can bypass Do Not Disturb
  14. Photos app now supports RAW format
  15. Improved Portrait Lighting with better edge detection
  16. QR Codes now highlighted when detected by Camera app
  17. Single swipe up to quit apps on iPhone X multitasking interface
  18. Multi-user Face ID
  19. USB Restricted Mode
  20. Automatic OTA software updates
  21. Screen Time widget
  22. Messages Shortcuts
  23. Notification Grouping
  24. Redesigned iPad Menu Bar
  25. Scan QR Code in Control Center
  26. New wallpaper
  27. Improved Siri Suggestions
  28. New Lock Screen option: disable access to Wallet
  29. New Lock Screen option: disable USB Accessories
  30. New Lock Screen option: disable access to Wallet
  31. Voice Memos gets iCloud support
  32. Voice Memos settings lets you choose audio compression quality
  33. Voice Memos settings lets you set a default recording name
  34. New colors for Markup
  35. You can now choose the opacity and thickness of Markup tools by pressing on a tool once selected
  36. Favicons for Safari tabs
  37. New Experimental WebKit Features
  38. New options for Apple Books in Settings.app
  39. Podcasts app now lets you set custom durations for Forward and Back
  40. Battery usage chart in Settings.app shows usage for the last 24 hours or the last 10 days instead of the last 7 days.
  41. Battery usage chart in Settings.app also shows new chart that displays battery usage information.
  42. Manage Notification Settings from Lock Screen
  43. Improved Do Not Disturb with Bedtime, Control Center shortcut, more
  44. Parental Control with App Limits
  45. FaceTime integration in Messages app
  46. Music widget on Lock screen now matches the wallpaper rather than just being light gray
  47. Swipe up to rescan your face again if Face ID fails
  48. You can now press space to select text in non-3D Touch devices
  49. New “Hearing” widget in Control Center allows you to use AirPods as a kind of hearing aid using the iPhone’s microphone
  50. Developers can now add controls like buttons and switches for interactive notifications with custom views.
  51. Notifications in Do Not Disturb mode appear in dark color, without Do Not Disturb mode they appear in usual light color accent
  52. Siri can now turn on flashlight
  53. Dictation now allowed on third-party keyboards
  54. New UI for Face ID Scan
  55. Full email preview from notification
  56. Screen Downtime disables apps during the scheduled period
  57. Ability to independently connect to Wi-Fi networks on Watch
  58. iPad on iOS 12 now uses a webpage‘s built in video player UI when watching in full screen.
  59. Brightness settings now back to Display section of Settings.app
  60. Apple Pay notification will now give you more details
  61. New Apple Music artist page, pressing the play button shuffles the artist’s songs
  62. Control Center is now seperate from Multitasking UI on iPad
  63. Swipe up arrow in Reachability Mode
  64. Reachability Mode is now scrollable
  65. Pallet of colors in tools bar in Notes app
  66. Haptic Feedback now available in the Camera on iPhone 7 & 7 Plus
  67. Air quality indicators inside the weather app
  68. Level screen removed from Compass app and moved to Measure app
  69. Stocks app adds 5Y, 10Y and ALL options to graphs
  70. New 3D Touch options in Control Center
  71. Animoji videos are now extended to 30 seconds from 10 seconds
  72. No carrier name occupying space in Status Bar on low-res devices like iPhone 5s and SE
  73. On 4” phones, tabs in Safari are now rounded. Before only devices 4.7” and up had this.
  74. Photos app in Messages
  75. Minor UI tweaks for Messages app
  76. New Siri accents: Irish and South African
  77. Photos app UI tweaks
  78. iOS 12 removes the tint on the wallpaper
  79. Airport Express support in Home app is back
  80. You can now adjust Maps navigation on Apple Watch
  81. Four new Animoji characters
  82. New toggle for AutoFill Passwords in Settings
  83. New UI for editing Photos taken from the Camera in Messages
  84. Face ID Alternate Appearance works for laying on your side in bed
  85. New haptic feedback when charging iPhone
  86. Podcasts app has a toggle for Next/Previous functions
  87. Stocks app data now uploaded to iCloud
  88. New controls for tint opacity in screenshot/Markup UI
  89. Stocks widget bigger with added charts
  90. Face ID now works with open mouth
  91. Screen recording notification allows deleting
  92. Hey Siri now available on Low Power Mode
  93. New Scan QR Code 3D Touch action in Camera app icon
  94. New Awards page/tab in Activity app
  95. Camera in Messages opens directly
  96. Slightly tweaked and improved Smart Invert
  97. Get synonyms and related concepts for words with English Thesaurus.
  98. Call Classification & Reporting
  99. Improved and more advanced Privacy controls
  100. AirPlayed music no longer interrupted with other videos
  101. Landscape view of muti-page folder
  102. Three new language dictionaries: an Arabic and English bilingual dictionary, a Hindi and English bilingual dictionary, and a Hebrew dictionary.
  103. Store cards that support NFS now show an icon in Wallet app on the bottom right
  104. Third-party navigation apps support in CarPlay
  105. Larger buttons in CarPlay
  106. When doing portrait mode in the dark, the TrueDepth camera will detect your face and body position
  107. Folders for Albums in Photos app
  108. Password in keyboard works even for PDF passwords (in Documents by Readdle)
  109. Speed dial iMessage and FaceTime
  110. Workflows are automatically imported into Shortcuts
  111. Do Not Disturb during workout notification
  112. When setting up an iOS 12 device for the first time, there’s a new screen for automatic updates
  113. New Maps data for Apple Maps
  114. Stickers/Gifs for Activity app
  115. SMS/Call Reporting Extensions
  116. Share My Location in Apple ID
  117. Share a link of a photo straight from photos app (creates iCloud link to view photo for 30 days)
  118. iOS 12 suggests you call or text people on their birthday
  119. Searching for artist in Safari displays a link to directly to Apple Music
  120. Search by lyrics in Apple Music
  121. HomeKit backgrounds changed to gradient colors
  122. HomeKit UI tweaks
  123. in iOS 12 significant locations are more accurate, even showing how you got to the indexed location.
  124. Air Quality in Weather app
  125. Live Listen for AirPods
  126. Single AirPod smart play
  127. New checkmark animation icon confirms that your message actually sent when you ask Siri to send a message
  128. CarPlay now shows contact badge and not just nickname when messaging someone.
  129. You can now hand off calls to your Apple Watch with iOS 12
  130. Whilst using maps and you get a call, the call now runs in the background rather than taking over the screen
  131. “insights and suggestions” warning if you use your iPhone more than usual after an update.
  132. OS-wide date in status bar for iPad
  133. Home-Button Delay
  134. Phone will vibrate twice if Touch ID fails, it will vibrate once if Touch ID unlocks your phone.
  135. iOS 12 lets you transfer audio from calls to Apple Watch
  136. Recently deleted pictures will stay up to 40 days now
  137. iPhone X like line under battery, WiFi signal, Control Center etc. when entering the notification bar on iPad
  138. Now when you tap audio under the persons name, it gives you the option of regular voice call or FaceTime audio.
  139. Apple Pay now provides you with more transaction information via the Wallet app when you select a specific payment.
  140. iPhone-only apps on iPad do not appear in iPhone 4s size anymore, they appear in iPhone 6 size
  141. “Hey Siri, where’s my phone” feature
  142. Typing in passcode while using AirPlay will now hide the keypad on the mirrored screen.
  143. You can disable the new third party video controls in fullscreen
  144. QR Codes now square the image (yellow) and tells you to move closer if needed.
  145. Updated alert sounds
  146. The music player now warns you when you’re just about to exceed safe volume levels
  147. If you’re editing a photo in an app and save in-app, the photo will save next to the original.
  148. “Read” for SMS
  149. Suggestion to send photos in iMessage
  150. Holding down on a QR code gives you additional actions based on its content
  151. HomeKit adds remote controls support

and more.

Quite a comprehensive list, even if we do say so ourselves. If you found anything else as new, feel free to share in comments below.

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