11 Years Ago Today, Steve Jobs Unveiled The First iPhone

We can’t quite believe we’re about to say this, but eleven years ago – January 9th, 2007, Apple co-founder and then-CEO Steve Jobs announced the original iPhone in what has to be his greatest on-stage performance ever.

The event took place at the Macworld conference in San Francisco and Steve Jobs unveiled a product that would not only change the future of Apple as a company, but also the smartphone market as a whole.

In fact, it would not be hyperbole to say that it perhaps also changed the world, too. The impact of that first iPhone and the way it changed how we all go about our daily business these days should not be understated, and it all started eleven years ago today.

You can of course sit back and watch that iconic moment again and again thanks to the wonder of the internet and we wholeheartedly suggest you do just that. No matter your thoughts on Apple, Jobs or the iPhone there is no doubting that the way in which the iPhone was announced was pure showmanship and we have to admit to experiencing the odd goosebump every time we watch it back.

The iPhone itself didn’t go on sale for months after that initial announcement, and when it did there were plenty of detractors both in the smartphone world and the technology world as a whole. Fast forward eleven years and everyone has a smartphone, and each and every one of them is either an iPhone, or borrows from what the iPhone introduced back in 2007.

Our suggestion? Get yourself a drink – we’ll let you decide what that should be – and kick back with Steve one more time. There are far worse ways to spend your afternoon.

Skip to 21 minute mark to see Jobs introducing the first iPhone in the video below:


Happy 11th birthday, iPhone!

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