11 Things To Do Before Installing iOS 11

Here are 11 things that you must do before installing iOS 11 final version on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch device.

The dawn of iOS 11 is finally upon us, which means that millions of devices across the globe are going to be polling Apple’s servers imminently to download and install what is presumably the latest and greatest version of iOS.

Check out the 11 things below that you should be doing before you take the plunge and upgrade your iPhone or iPad to iOS 11. We’ve added links to guides and relevant articles where applicable. It’s quite the to-do list. We’d suggest getting started right now, so you’re done by the time the update finally drops.

Prepare Your Device

You are going to want to make sure that your device is in prime condition to receive the iOS 11 update. In order to get it right, you can follow our previous guide on the topic here: How To Prepare For iOS 11 Update Release On Your iPhone And iPad.

Have An Apple Watch?

You will first want to make a backup of the connected Apple Watch before proceeding. You can do that, and restore the backed up data later, by following our previous guides on the topic here:

You will then also want to make sure that you update the Apple Watch to watchOS 4 to take advantage of these latest features.

Update iTunes

Well, this one is fairly self-explanatory. Apple’s latest version of iTunes contains all of the necessary information and support for iOS 11. So, that means that you really need to be running this latest version before you embark on your iOS 11 journey.

Charge To 100%

Once again, another small action that the name gives away. You need the device to be primed to the best condition to accept the iOS 11 install. It’s not 100% necessary to have a full battery, but there is certainly no harm in doing so and it’s always good housekeeping.

Device Compatibility

Are you super amped for iOS 11 but haven’t actually checked if your device is compatible? It would be a shame if it wasn’t. If you have a 32-bit device, then it most definitely isn’t. If you have no idea at all, then you can check our previous coverage of compatible iOS 11 devices here: iOS 11 Compatibility For iPhone, iPad, iPod touch Devices [Final List].

Apps Compatibility

You want iOS 11 so bad on your iPhone or iPad, but does that mean you are going to have to accept that some apps are going to have to go? With iOS 11, Apple is removing support for 32-bit apps that don’t come with a 64-bit slice. You can check here to see if your existing apps will run on iOS 11 or not.

ARKit Compatibility

It’s probably fair to suggest that the move to iOS 11 is partly fuelled by a desire to have the latest features and technologies offered by the system. That definitely includes ARKit. You can put your mind to rest and find out exactly which devices are compatible with ARKit here: iOS 11 ARKit Compatibility For Apps: Check If Your Device Is Compatible With Apple’s AR Platform.

Update All Apps

Head into the App Store, check which apps on your device have updates, and make sure all of those updates are installed. Again, like other options here, there’s no real suggestion that this is mandatory and the upgrade will fail if you don’t, but it’s always good to be on the latest version on the off chance that some developers have issued 64-bit upgrades in advance of iOS 11 dropping.

iOS 11 Features

Familiarize yourself with the features of iOS 11, including the not-so-obvious ones. That includes over 150 new features designed for iPhone and iPad: 150+ iOS 11 Hidden / Secret Features For iPhone And iPad [Updated List].

Check Jailbreak Status

Are you look for a jailbreak? Is it super-important for you that you stay on a particular version of firmware in order to achieve that? You may want to take a quick look at the current state of iOS 11 jailbreak for iPhone and iPad before you upgrade, right here: Jailbreak iOS 11 On iPhone And iPad [Status Update].

Check Release Time In Your Region

Make sure you know exactly when iOS 11 is going to drop in your particular part of the world. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go out and scout around the internet for that as we’ve done the hard work for you: iOS 11 Download Day Release Time In Your Region.

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