iPhone 2G Vs iPhone X: OG Model’s Resolution Would Take Up Only 2 Icons On Latest Model’s Screen

When Apple’s iPhone X goes on sale on November 3rd, it will be the first iPhone to sport a Super Retina Display. That means that it will come equipped with a display measuring 2436 x 1125 pixels, and that is a lot.

We already know that it’s a lot, but sometimes with these things, you need something to use for scale. Something to use as an indication of just how massive that resolution is, say, the original iPhone’s display from 10 years ago.

An image shared by developer David Barnard on Twitter does exactly that, and the results are frankly staggering. A simple image showing the iPhone X Home screen, what we are looking at here shows just how far display technology has come in ten years. Barnard placed the original iPhone’s Home screen atop the iPhone X’s in an attempt to depict the change in resolution from 2007 iPhone 2G to 2017 iPhone X, and as you can see, it works out at around the same size as two of iOS 11’s icons.

For reference, the original iPhone had a display that was capable of just 320 x 480 pixels.

The entire home screen of the original iPhone (320×480 pixels) is about the size of 2 icons on the iPhone X home screen (1125×2436 pixels).


Display technology has come on leaps and bounds since 2007, and if there is one thing this image tells us, it’s that no matter how impressive the iPhone X may be today, if we could fast forward to 2027, it is entirely likely, if not probable, that Apple’s latest and greatest will look similarly ridiculous. That’s progress, folks, and we cannot wait to see what 2027 has in store for us.

Maybe we should just concentrate on 2018 for now, though.

(Source: David Barnard [Twitter])

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