First Look at Zune HD’s Web Browser

The first pictures from the Web Browser of Zune HD has been surfaced via Ben Patterson of The Gadget Hound. The web browser on the Zune HD is basically a special version of Internet Explorer 6 for Mobile which has been overhauled to make it faster and more suitable for more finger friendly operations on the capacitive multi-touch screen.

Zune HD Web Browser (1) 

Zune HD Web Browser (2)The sexiest and the thinnest Zune yet!


Zune HD Web Browser (3) 

Zune HD Web Browser (4)Zune HD boasts a 480 by 272 multi-touch capable capacitive OLED screen.


Zune HD Web Browser (5)Browsing the full version of  Yahoo! Tech site on Zune HD’s web browser.


Zune HD Web Browser (6) The onscreen touch-capable keyboard on the Zune HD has bulging effect just like the iPhone to help pinpoint the correct key.


Zune HD Web Browser (7)   Awesome looking thumbnail preview of history and bookmarks from the web browser!


It looks great! Can’t wait to get my hands on this device!