You Will Soon Be Able To Use Your iPhone Or iPad To Brew Coffee At Home With TopBrewer [VIDEO]

Coffee solutions provider Scanomat has revealed an amazing new coffee machine called TopBrewer that lets you make coffee with the tap of an on-screen button on your iOS device. Details after the jump!


The news comes from Mashable – a popular internet news blog – in the form of a post in which they discuss some of the many features of TopBrewer.

TopBrewer is a state-of-the-art coffee machine that consists of a graceful stainless steel tap that can fit any tabletop provided it has two small holes in it for the tap and its drain. The brewing action takes place under the counter’s surface so that space is saved on top while providing a fun brewing experience at home.

That’s all well and good, but the question, what is a coffee machine doing on Redmond Pie? The answer lies in TopBrewer’s to-be-released iOS app that connects to the machine and lets you select from the different types of drinks. You can even customize your drink so that TopBrewer can make it just the way you like it! You can, of course, also see your machine’s status from the app.

From the official website:

Quickly connect to the machine and select from the available drinks – or have your own favorite coffee pre-programmed and dispense it just the way YOU like it.

The app gives you full control of the machine and displays status messages when woken up from standby till it’s ready to brew.

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It seems like we aren’t all that far away from a time when we will be able to do just about everything through our smartphones. I just hope we don’t get extra lazy (and, subsequently, obese and weak) like those people living in the airship from Pixar’s Wall-E.

If you wish to get one yourself, check out the contact us page over on Scanomat’s official website.

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