You Can Now Install Popcorn Time On iOS Without Jailbreak

Earlier on, we told of how Apple’s work on patching the ‘date trick’ loophole will soon prevent fans of SNES and GBA emulators from installing them on iOS devices without a jailbreak, and while it has just been revealed that Popcorn Time for iOS can also be loaded on iPhone and iPad using a similar method, the torrent streamer will also be a jailbreak-only enterprise once iOS 8.1 arrives.

Popcorn Time, dubbed the "Netflix of Torrents," has been gathering quite the following over the past few months, mainly due to the fact that it offers a vast library of hit box-office movies for no fee whatsoever. Variants for Windows, OS X, Android and other platforms have been around for a while, but given Apple’s stringent policies with regards to what kinds of apps can grace the App Store, Popcorn Time for iOS could seemingly run only on jailbroken devices when it appeared this time last week.

Popcorn Time iOS

Now, it has emerged that the same emulator-enabling date trick can be replicated for the purpose of installing Popcorn Time, so if you don’t happen to own a jailbroken iOS device, you needn’t miss out on the movie bonanza.

Despite the legalities of Popcorn Time having come into question on more than one occasion, it still continues to thrive, and although torrent clients have long since struggled to make any kind of inroads with iOS, this date trick continues to provide the modus operandi for a number of otherwise banned or unsolicited apps.

With iOS 8.1 Beta 2 download already out, it’s worth reiterating that the date hack won’t work on iOS 8.1 whatsoever once the final version is released later this month, so whether you’re running a SNES emulator for a throwback to the Super Mario Bros. days or watching your favorite show for the thousandth time via Popcorn Time, you’d better make the most of it before the jig’s finally up.

iOS 81 iPhone 6

Given that iOS 8.1 is anticipated within the fortnight, that’s not too long to milk these services for all they’re worth, and although there’s nothing forcing you to update to iOS 8.1 right away, the fact that it will peddle Apple Pay and several other major features and general enhancements will probably coax you into taking the plunge.

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