You Can Get The PlayStation Classic For Only $30 Right Now

It may have been somewhat unrealistic for Sony to expect punters to pay upwards of $100.00 for its PlayStation Classic.

Nostalgia does indeed have value but the sales figures suggest just not that much. At least monetarily. Now, however, Sony’s PS Classic is available for a much more appealing price of just $29.99, which makes it a lot more appealing to the masses.

It may come as a huge surprise to the youth of today but at one point in time, Sony’s original PlayStation was heralded as a huge breakthrough for gaming technology.

We may have progressed a little since then but it’s still important to remember the origins and foundation of products like the stunning PlayStation 4, and, of course, the soon-to-be-announced PlayStation 5. This is your chance to own a little piece of gaming history without having to stump up much money.

With the PlayStation Classic you will be getting:

  • A miniature replica of the original Sony PlayStation. This particular version is approximately 45-percent smaller than the original hardware
  • The inclusion of two wired controllers. There’s no wireless technology here but the console does come with virtual memory and an included HDMI cable
  • A selection of 20 pre-loaded games. You won’t be able to buy additional games for this little beauty but you will get access to some classic titles, such as Final Fantasy VII, the original Grand Theft Auto, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3 and Wild Arms
  • A product design which matches the original hardware, including the original logo and the same button layout
  • The perfect hardware for retro-gaming fans. You don’t need to worry about installing emulators onto jailbroken devices and finding ROMs with this stunning classic

The PlayStation Classic is never going to compete with the gaming beasts that we have today, such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, but it’s a marvelous walk down memory lane and an easy and affordable way to get access to some of the gaming titles which defined a whole generation of gamers. It’s unlikely that this product will ever rise back to its all-time high price but it still makes sense to grab it right now for a very reasonable $29.99.

Buy: PlayStation Classic from Amazon: $29.99 | Original price: $100

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