WSJ: Google Launching Its Own Wireless Carrier Soon With A Huge Catch

Back in January, we learned that Google was plotting to launch its own brand of carrier, and while it wouldn’t be building the infrastructure up from scratch, its pricing models would throw down the gauntlet to current providers. Since Google already manages the most ubiquitous smartphone platform of them all – Android – it’s a move that doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, and now, we’re learning that it could be ready for prime time in a matter of weeks. Initially, it’ll only launch on the company’s Motorola-built Nexus 6 smartphone, and although there’s no word on when or indeed if the network will support further handsets in the short-term, it’s likely that Google will expand pending a successful introduction.

The scoop on this one arrives courtesy of The Wall Street Journal, which cites those familiar with Google’s movements in suggesting that the forthcoming wireless network will remain exclusive to the Nexus 6 to start off with. The Chrome maker’s own Sundar Pichai recently confirmed what was initially just a rumor when it broke all those weeks back, and it seems that Google will piggyback off both T-Mobile and Sprint – as well as numerous Wi-Fi networks – to deliver coverage to its customer base.


The Big G may be famed for search, but has dominated in the software game as well, and with Android under its development, it has a gateway in place to lure folks into its new business venture. Just why the Nexus 6 is to be the only beneficiary from the get-go is anybody’s guess, but as with most of Google’s first runs of new products, it’ll likely be a U.S.-only service.

The fact that it will launch in the coming weeks, as The Wall Street Journal notes, is quite vague, and hopefully, we’ll be able to gather more details before it does manifest itself. The I/O developer gathering would seem as apt a venue as any to roll out something so apparently significant, but given that said event doesn’t land until the end of May, it could be that a separate keynote is organized before then.


One suspects that if the pricing is right, the company has every chance of making waves, although with key details at a premium, we’ll reserve definitive judgement for the time being.

What do you make of this, will Google’s efforts follow on the many success stories it has enjoyed in recent times? Share your comments below!

(Source: WSJ)

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