Woman Tries To Smuggle 44 iPhones Into Israel, Fails

I’ve heard of many things being smuggled through airports, from birds and snakes to rare Chinese food, but this takes the biscuit (poor pun intended).

Engadget brings us the odd tale of a 60-year old lady attempting to smuggle some iPhones from London to Israel’s Ben-Gurion International Airport.  Perhaps not the most odd thing to smuggle these days, but it’s the number, and perhaps optimism of the lady in question that I find most intriguing.

iPhone 4Image credit: VentureBeat

Upon arrival at her destination, she aroused suspicion by the way she was struggling to walk.  Upon closer inspection it was discovered that her difficulty was the result of having 44 (count ’em!) iPhones strapped around her waist!

You’ve got to give her an A+ for effort, that’s for certain!

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