Windows 8.1 Will Allow Users To Boot Directly Into The Traditional Desktop, Bypassing Start Screen

Windows 8 has certainly divided opinion among PC users, with some users having been vocally critical of the tiled, so-called Metro interface that Microsoft decided to opt for. Traditionalists have been particularly unimpressed with the new Start menu, which, while adept for tablet use, can confuse the everyday, desktop Windows user. According to sources of TheVerge, Microsoft is testing current builds of Windows 8.1 inclusive of an option for users to boot into the much familiar desktop screen.

As well as the fact that some users have found the look to be a little bamboozling, there has also been a lingering feeling of too much, too soon. Rather than ease a tiled-based ecosystem in, Microsoft basically imposed the new look on millions of users, many of whom didn’t want or need it, but for those looking for something a little more recognizable moving forward, it looks as though the next edition of the Redmond company’s flagship operating system should duly oblige.


The Charms and Start Screen will apparently still remain readily accessible even if the traditional desktop mode is enabled, but this is way less severe than an entire menu laden with pretty / annoying (delete as applicable) tiles.

Some will undoubtedly see this a bit of a weak move on Microsoft’s part. Tech companies regularly make controversial decisions, but after the dust settles and the uproar has subsided, consumers usually tend to suck it up and get on with it. That said, the complaints pertaining to Windows 8’s tiled interface are still relatively plentiful, and although Microsoft is looking to roll with the touch-based nature of the market, the overwhelming majority using the ‘old’ keyboard and mouse configuration cannot be swept under the carpet.

Screenshot (111)

Soon, you’ll be able to boot into this, directly.

So, anybody bemused by the Start Screen should be enthused to learn that, with the next update, it will likely not be beset upon them. At this point in time, said users probably taking advantage of one of the many Start Screen restoration tools, some of which we’ve already featured here at Redmond Pie; but while they offer a working and permanent solution, it’s always nice if these kinds of options are offered natively.

What do you guys think – are you pleased at the purported resurrection of the Start Screen? Please do share your thoughts below!

(via: TheVerge)

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