First Windows 8 User Interface Codename “Wind” Details Emerges

I am personally a big fan of Windows 7 and find it impossible to even try and find faults with it. We are however gearing up for another release of a Microsoft Windows version, Windows 8 whose user interface is said to have been codenamed as “Wind”. Well atleast that’s what the reports are saying.

Windows 8 Wind

We are still digging in on the features of the next generation of Windows, of course anticipating it will be impressive by all means. But as of now following is what is rumored about the next Windows operating system:

  • Windows 8 will be 32 / 64 bit and have two user interfaces.
  • The main interface (codenamed Wind) will require a dedicated video card and 170 MB of video memory and will be meant for high-end desktop computers and notebooks only.
  • Wind interface will only activate on 64 bit version of Windows 8 copies and will have complete 3D capability.

What we have to come to learn is that this next generation of Windows will have a dynamic user-interface which will adapt to users’ habits, adjusting icons, shortcuts as per your usage plus a much quicker hibernate function. It will auto save all your documents and will go on hibernate mode in less than 6 seconds.

This is of course a rumor, but there are hints that make this rumor believable by all means. A new kernel has been discovered within the driver that is assigned 6.2. For Windows 7, it was 6.1 and if Steve Ballmer and the team hasn’t done some restructuring with these references, Windows 8 is a game on.

Windows 8

Expect some beta releases in 2011 of the Windows 8, which Ballmer has described to be the riskiest release to date. I can definitely understand that given that Microsoft is heading over to a more cloud based approach in the upcoming release of the operating system. Lets see what awaits in the future and how the product does in the market upon its release. Hope it is earlier than 2012 as anticipated. [WinRumors]

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