What To Expect From The Apple Media Event On March 7th

As the announcement of the biggest tech release of the year so far draws closer, analysts, researchers, bloggers and consumers alike are now perched in anticipation – sitting in wait to see what Tim Cook and his minions have created with the third iPad installment.

So, what can we expect from this year’s event? Well, aside from the usual dose of camaraderie between Apple’s head honchos and the on looking suits, it’s a given that Tim Cook – the company’s CEO – will unveil the star of the show at some point.

iPad 3 Event

These media events seldom discuss one product on its own though, and there may be a few other talking points for the likes of Scott Forstall et al to sink their teeth into.

Indeed, Forstall is Senior Vice President of iOS software, and with every new hardware release comes updated software across the board. iOS 5.1 has been in beta stage for quite a while now, and although we’re still unsure as to whether Siri will be shared amongst other devices, especially the next iPad, the second revision of iOS 5 will certainly be heavily modified. While we’re not expecting to see anything like the 200+ new features of the initial iOS 5, the iPad is apparently being upgraded in its entirety – from processor to screen, cameras to a possible LTE chip – so expect an extensive run-down of new iOS features from a member of the software team.

iPad 2

Since the device is certain to include a Retina display, don’t be surprised if iBooks 2 is also revisited as a reminder to the larger audience that Apple means business when it comes to education and learning.

Apple TV, the company’s experimental little black box, could also get a mention at some point. The device – described by Cook in previous years as simply “a hobby”, is currently in its second generation, and although most of the tech commentary has circulated around a third iPad, some have speculated that the Cupertino company could release a third edition of its famously-compact set-top box.

In terms of features, 1080p video, Bluetooth 4.0 and new input methods have been suggested – with claims of Siri implementation seeming a little too far-fetched at this moment in time. Still, providing  true HD will undoubtedly boost the profile of the rather downtrodden device, which can only currently play video at 720p.

As well as updates to iOS and its devices, there may also be an early mention of some MacBook refreshes. As we revealed the other day, Apple may be planning to downscale the form factor the 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pro models to reflect the wafer-thin and highly-successful MacBook Air. If the notebook changes are coming into effect in April – as rumored – then the major March event would seem as apt an occasion as any to inform the tech world. Providing Intel keeps its part of the bargain by producing enough Ivy Bridge chips, a MacBook announcement could well be on the cards for 7th March.

MacBook Pro

What would you like to see announced at next Wednesday’s event? Please share your thoughts with us via the usual mediums below – we always love to hear them!

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