Watch: MMA Referee Wears Google Glass In The Fight Ring [VIDEO]

Google’s Glass is the poster child of the smart glass boom, and as seen in the latest XE12 software update, things seem to be progressing exceptionally quickly. Although the extent to which we, the consumer, will take to the product is currently unknown, the snippet’s we’ve seen so far of Glass in action across different fields has certainly helped to ramp up interest. In the latest, we’re treated to a vicarious look at an MMA fight from the eyes of a referee, and whether or not this sport takes your fancy, the perspective from Glass is rather incredible.

Considering the amount in which a referee’s head would move, the image stabilization of Glass’ camera ensures that the clip is more than watchable. We’re accustomed to viewing these kinds of sports from dynamic cameras, but Glass takes things to a new level, and essentially puts the viewer in the shoes of the referee.

Glass MMA

All of the small things you mightn’t of noticed in watching it from your standard sports channel, such as the moment when the ref returns a loose item from one of the fighters back to a member of his camp, is documented thanks to Glass, and although there are some limitations to perspective, or POV recording, there’s little doubt that in this case, it allows us to get closer to the action.

One of the first 720p clips we saw recorded from Glass was of a person jumping on a trampoline, which was somewhat brief in terms of what Glass was capable of doing. At that point, we were more than impressed that such an event could be recording using nothing but a face computer, but this latest video shows how Glass could potentially steer clear of the novelty factor and actually prove a revolutionary product.

Here below, you can watch the clip of the MMA fight as recorded from Google Glass. It’s only a couple of minutes long, and the action doesn’t start until around halfway through, but it’s enough of a show reel for you to establish an idea of what Glass is capable of when used in sports.

What do you think; Can you, for example, envision a world where viewers watch a 100m race from a winner’s perspective thanks to Glass? Do share your thoughts below!

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