Watch 2,000 iPhone 5s Units Fall Like Dominos To Wish You Happy Holidays [VIDEO]

We’ve seen iPhones of the computer generated variety be used for marketing before, and we’ve even seen CGI iPhones used to create an impressive domino effect in previous videos, but with Christmas just around the corner it was only a matter of time before the two were merged into one truly great video. And now it’s happened.

Created by Aatma Studio and uploaded to YouTube for our viewing pleasure, the video comprises of 2,000 CGI iPhones – iPhone 5s’s according to the video’s description – which are lined up like dominoes. Using imaginary NFC according to the video maker, each falling iPhone triggers on-screen action on the next. It’s dominos taken to the next level!

iPhone 5s dominos

Eventually all the iPhones fall and you’re greeted by a ‘Happy Holidays’ message, the likes of which we have not seen before.

Happy Holidays Domino showcases 2,000 iPhones (that’s right TWO THOUSAND iPhones) falling neatly in a ‘Happy Holiday’ patterns. This concept iPhone 5 feature of NFC (Near Field Communications) enable content to be passed on from one screen to another.

Aatma Studio is no stranger to using CGI iPhones in its videos, having already made a similar video that saw 10,000 CGI iPhones used as dominoes to create something truly spectacular. The fact that it’s been done before shouldn’t detract from the achievement though – we certainly couldn’t do it ourselves! – putting something like this together has to take a great deal of time and not a little skill. Hats off to the people involved.

Of course, we’d be even more impressed if these videos feature real iPhones. It would obviously be cost prohibitive at best, but the idea of a couple of thousand real iPhones being painstakingly placed just so fills us with more glee than we dare admit. So, if anyone does have mad domino skills and a stash of iPhones worth a ridiculous amount of money, then you now know what your mission is.

We can guarantee you’d get at least 4 YouTube views. Maybe even 5!

Anyways, check out the video below and leave your thoughts in the comments section what you think about the whole thing. Obviously it’s cool, but how cool?

You can’t say fairer than that.

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